Welcome to Andover Association website.  The purpose of this site is to provide a private communication portal for the residents.  The board would like to increase communications and ultimate transparency while at the same time not increasing our postage expenses.  Our plan at this time is to use the website as our primary communication tool.

What you need to do is – Request a resident login.  You are currently viewing the public pages of the website.  Once you register and login as a resident you will be able to see and do so much more.  You can access the following:

  • Community documents
  • Meeting and events calendar
  • Receive email newsletters
  • Board Meeting minutes and presentations
  • Annual budget and monthly financial updates
  • Participate in surveys
  • Ask questions
  • Access electronic forms

July Andover Board Meeting

7:00pm June 29th

1075 Broken Sound Blvd. Suite 100

(This is the conference room we used last year next door to the old Platinum offices) Residents, click for agenda (you will need to be logged on)

2016 Board of Directors

You will receive information shortly on how to submit your intention on running for the 2016 Board of Directos